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I am going to try this post again. Disappeared on me last time…
I had my first day of observing at my new school yesterday, and am headed back for more this afternoon, nesip bolsa.
I was able to talk with my teaching counterpart–a lovely woman by the name of Maya–a good amount of time. She was telling me how difficult it is to use the required curriculum with very little available information with which to supplement. I think you can see where I am going with this. Yes?
For now all she has asked for is a color print of Barak Obama, the US flag, the US map. We are talking 3×5 – 5×7 ish, magazine tearouts are perfect. She wants to make an informative poster to mirror the one she made for Great Britain years ago, but hasn’t been able to find the necessary images. My address is in the previous post–if anyone is thinking they might send me something, let me know: I will look out for it! Also, magazines, old calendars, post cards, etc. in general are welcome! Much thanks to you!


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  1. I sent out something to you the other day, unfortunately it doesn’t include any “educational materials” exactly, but I’ll keep that in mind for next time!

  2. Hey Laura–I will send a care package with all you asked for. Just keep making lists, and I’ll see what I can do.

    Which magazines would be most helpful? I have lots and lots of old magazines; give me an idea of what kinds of pictures you want.

  3. Laura!
    I am keeping up with your blog and thinking of you frequently. :)
    I know you’re such a blessing where you are. Expect something in the mail! :D

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